Connected, but can't use any browser :(

Suddenly my browsers in win7 wont load any page. My browsers just tells me that i'm not connected to the internet, but I am. I can connect to steam, spotify, msn and such, but no browser work. I have tried IE, Google chrome, and the one integrated with steam. I have even tried to reinstall the browsers, but still no internet. This have been a problem for a few days now, and I haven't found any solution.

Ofc I have restarted my machine a lot of times since the problem occurred, and I have disconnected and reconnected to the net as well.

I hope someone have a solution for this, except from reinstalling the OS. Might be hard to find the disk :S

Thanks :D


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Copy and paste this into the address bar of your browser and hit enter
does anything open

I'm not sure how to restore my system, and I'm not sure which date I sould reset to. Not really sure how long ago this problem occurred, but it's about a week or two I think.

I'm not using any antivirus or anything, and I really don't think I need it since all I do is play call of duty. All other stuff I use Mac for, but I sometimes need to check my facebook, and then it's really annoying to have to relog to mac in the middle of gaming.

(I have a MacBook, dualbooting OSX and Windows 7);)


Ok, suddenly when I relogged to play some cod, my browser worked again. Wierd since it havent worked for a long time now, and suddenly decided to work. Well, thanks for all help, even the problem seems to have solved itselfe :D

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