Connected to both wifi and cable, but no/sometimes slow connection

I'm having a problem getting connected after installing windows 7. I made a fresh installation from vista. both 32 bit.
When I'm connected it says that i have a good connection and everything is ok.
I have tried to connect to an other router, and it works fine, so i thought it was my netgear router that was the problem. (tried to reinstall the router several times, no luck). But the problem is that the same thing happens when I'm connected with a cable.
Both cable connection and router works fine on my neighbors computer and on my phone.
Any ideas about what the problem could be?

Windows 7 sometimes causes a problem IN routers. Google and you will see.... it's happened to me a couple times. Rebooting the router fixes it till next time. IF the drivers for your network card are not a problem.

One other problem that shows up in the administrator logs can be traced back to the Wlan service running all the time. Since you use wire.... you don't need this service. The default is set to run all the time.... and every 60 seconds it goes into a refresh state to check for a better connection. If you are a gamer, when it refreshes you can have a short pause... by that time you are killed... so naturally gamers hate it and turn it off. Check my blogs.. probably my last one... I had to use a program to get it totaly turned off even after disabling the service.

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