Windows 7 Connecting through shared WEP security


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Jan 17, 2009
I have a MacBook Pro that is connected to the internet through an ethernet cord. I have a Vista and an XP (seperate computers) both accessing the internet via wi-fi through the Apple. For some reason, I keep getting a message that Windows 7 cannot connect through the shared WEP security settings. If I turn off the security, it works great. Because I am opening the internet connection through a computer, I want to keep it under a security code.

Anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it? I can't even send the feedback to Microsoft to tell them about their issue, lol. BTW, I have Win7 32bit.

This is more than likely a driver issue. HAve you tried installing the latest vista driver for your device?
I have not done that. I didn't think it was a driver issue since I can connect to an unsecured network. Would a driver update fix that you think?
Well it may be the fact that the driver works for unsecured networks but is coded wrong for a secured network. When i say it is a corrupt driver i dont mean totally. I would recommend downloading the latest driver for it and that hopefully will fix it.
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