I have tried to connect my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 5000 to my Hp 8440p. This mouse work perfectly with my other laptop on the same operating system ( Windows 7 g4 bits ) It is very strange because the mouse is correctly paired with the laptop but Windows never add the HID driver. The mous appear in the Devices and printer manager but if I double click on the mouse and select hardware tab no driver are listed. The necessary files are presented in the Windows directory


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If you have the necessary Bluetooth drivers, the mouse should be recognized. If not remove the device and rediscover it. It seems you need to add it using the add Bluetooth panel and not the Printers and Devices panel.

Are you using the mouse on two computers?

Not I do not use the mouse on two computers. I update my computer and I would like to use the mouse with the new computer.

When I pair my mouse with the computer I select the bluetooth logo on the taskbar and I select the add device option to add the device. Is it what you would like to say by "add bluetooth panel"

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On my system, one of the hidden icons is a Bluetooth Panel. There you should be able to see an "Add Bluetooth Device".

If you do not show the panel you may still need to add some drivers. Windows 7 should load a Microsoft Enumerator, but I also had to add an Atheros Bluetooth Suite I got from the ASUS site for my motherboard.

If you have the drivers and the Bluetooth device is enabled in the bios, you should be set.

I have installed Atheros Bluetooth Suite_7.4.0.100 and try to reinstall my mouse. I have used Bluetooth suite to add the device without success. The result is the same.

I have compared mouse detection between my two laptop. On my old laptop the mouse paired directly without asking for a pair code. On my new laptop the mouse ask for a pair code. I have three option.
1- enter a pair code
2- display a pair code
3 -pair without pairing code

I always choose the third option.


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If you use the wrong install method, it will ask for a pairing code.

Look in the Notification area on the right end of the taskbar, hidden icons.

Do you have a Bluetooth icon? If you do, right click and select add Bluetooth device.

If you do not have that, either your system is different from mine or something is not yet installed. I will check back later from my Bluetooth system so we can compare what you have running.

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