Connection Error After dual booting.

I am not 100% sure if i should be posting this here or not but ill just continue. Okay so i have a Dell infinion 15r-n5110 laptop. a couple days ago i dual booted up with fedora 17. i self partition the 1TB hd. i left the partition for windows 7 unscathed. ever since then windows 7 has not been able to ping my home broadband connection. i have personaly changed the DNS server to serveral addresses i have found on dozens of other forums but nothing helps me. i cant access a router to easy but i did at work finally today and even with the cable plugged in it will not ping in windows 7. however both wifi card and the wired connection work just fine in fedora. i am thinking its something to do with the boot processes not initalizing. i have downloaded and reinstalled the drivers off the intel website for the wifi netword device (Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1030) and it still will not let me ping, i even went as so far as to turn off my firewall thinking it was a security issue and tryed to ping. still no luck. im hoping i have provided enough details and trial and errors for someone out there to give me something useful. any help is appricated ! :3

i have also tryed pinging my schools network and that worked, but no internet connectivity, i was also able to ping my loop back adress. i have also dug out McAfee threw regedit since it was being stubborn. thinking maybe it tripped a alarm with Mcafee when i installed fedora leading to the failure to ping. no luck there either. threw fedora i have ran Klamav to check for virus activity and nothing short of good results. just a few false alarms with that. i am completely dumbfounded on this one.


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Check out your IP configuration:

got command prompt and enter the command:

ipconfig /all

If you need help interpreting the output please post it here.

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