Connection of a laptop (W7) to many networks (AD)

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    A laptop (W7) was connected to a network (AD) managed by a SBS 2011; working without any problem.
    Then, it has been connected on another site, and joined a domain (AD managed by 2008 R2 server), without any relation with the first AD; working also without any problem.

    But, when the laptop came back to the first site, it was not possible anymore to connect it (even by writing the domain name before the username : DOMAIN1\Username).
    The server could see the PC online, but did not had authorization to access it.

    I had to connect locally (using the second domain name), and join again the domain 1 to be allowed to connect to the network.

    Is it normal ?

    Could a PC access to many different networks (AD), just by adding the domain name before the user name (if the PC has been registered into this AD in the past) ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

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