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I am having trouble getting my second PC to connect to the internet through my first PC within the windows 7 environment. I am able to connect them as I describe within WinXP, but I want to establish if this means I will not be able to change OS. The hardware on both are compatible according to my reading.

I am getting the apparently fairly common 'public unidentified network issue', however despite searching this and other forums and trying their fixes I cannot get them to connect properly, ie. to share files, connect to internet and share printer.

Both PC's have Win7 7100 (although one is 64bit and the other 32bit) on them and both will connect to the internet through my broadband router if I plug in directly.

On the first PC I have an EVGA nForce 680SLi which has 2 ethernet connections, so you see below a plan of the connection setup:

Cable Internet => Router => PC1 Eithernet connection1 => PC1 Ethernet connection2 => PC`2 Ethernet connection.

On PC1 I have the following:

On PC 2 the network is also unidentified public. :confused:

The PCs have the same WorkGroup and I have tried the usual reseting, troubleshooting (which states the connection does not have a valid IP), even HomeGroup. The PC's don't have the Bonjour DNS service running, I have tried renewing the IP manually in cp and trying to force id of the network. :frown:

Please assist and let me know if there is anything else you need to know?

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I too have this problem with NICs. I only seem to run into the problem with 4GB of memory installed in my system. I'm running Windows 7 RTM x64 on both of my machines. If I run 3GB dual channel in these machines I have no problem with the NICs.

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