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    Appreciate any help on this subject. recently got a new HP touch smart Desktop running windows 7. At random times, I lose connection while maintaining a full bar on my wireless signal. When I try to use windows network troubleshooter, it goes through the various steps and then says that it could not find the problem. I have changed routers with no help. reinstalled the wireless network adapters, again with no help. The ONLY way to get back on line is to restart the PC. HP helpdesk can't help. There suggestion is always to "recover" the system. Here are some specs; HD 1.5TB, 8 GB, Win7 64bit, Nividia GeForce 230Gt display adapter, Ralink wireless adapter, i7 CPU,. i am thinking of HW with an ethernet cable but am not sure if this will solve the problem. Thank you and hope someone can help me.
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    It will absolutely in no way solve or even address your wireless problems; but if it seems to provide reliable consistent connections then you will certainly be able to zero in on the problem as being between your wireless radio on your pc's card or the wireless radio on the router. In either case I would attempt to update the drivers to the most recent ones available from the manufacturer's website and see if there is a firmware update for the wireless router.

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