Windows 7 Consider replacing your battery Problem

Piron Bengs

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:confused: I am sorry if this was posted somewhere,but I am not in the mood,because of this problem on my laptop.This is like a crash and a bit of a bug,and it annoys me.The laptop I have is Satellite L755 and owned it for 10 months which is near a year.As of right now, my laptop's battery percent drains while I charge it.I was surprised, and I checked my battery charger and whaddya know? It says it is charging, BUT the battery charger is cold, and it is warm when I am charging it.I tried many ways such as:
1.Removing the ACPI thing from Device Manager,then restart, and scan for hardware,and enable it. 2.Try to use Microsoft FixIt,but it does horribly nothing. 3.Go to battery power options,advanced options, to battery, first is hibernation,2nd is sleep,wait for it to be drained and plug in your charger,turn it on and it should work! (It doesn't)Can anyone help me with this problem? It is annoying and makes inpatient because I have a project coming up and don't want to waste $1 or whatever the cost is to use a printer in a library. I hope you use easy words, not big complete words because I am actually 16 and I am using my dad's laptop for this.My laptop is Windows 7 which should be obvious. Thanks! ( Sorry if I wrote way too much)
Get a new battery. Depends on the warranty, but it it should be valid. A battery draining while charged is like... I don't know? It should go with warranty, just go stab your spear on the seller - not an active command, ok?

This computer has a 1 year warranty on parts, labor and battery.
If you bought it locally I'd take it to the store and explain your problem.

If you bought it online you'll have to contact the seller, or try contacting Toshiba directly.
But don't wait and let the warranty run out.

Does the computer work as long as it's plugged in?

Check the contacts on the battery if you can, and make sure it's making a good connection with the contacts.