"consider replacing your battery"

My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere; if so, I hope someone will point me in the direction of the current thread.

Since upgrading from Vista HP, I'm getting "consider replacing your battery" and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly" messages while plugged in and erroneous power readings and early shut down when running off battery. My battery is fine; I never had any trouble before the upgrade.

I've found several threads elsewhere discussing the problem, but the proposed solutions (such as driver and BIOS updates) don't seem to be working for anyone.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Has anyone had any success resolving it?

I have the evact same problem.
i had vista and everything was ok untill i upgraded to win 7 and it gave me the same errors.
"consider replacing your battery" and so...
i have an acer aspire 6920 and AS07B41 sony battery (that i got with the computer) and
it worked just fine before the upgrade.
what should we do?

first of all thank you very much. it was the quickest time that i got answered in a forum.
and the second thing is, what should i do? how come all the computers are enlisted except mine?


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I have officially solved this problem,

1. Flip your laptop sideways in a smooth fashion (fast but not too fast) while the charger is plugged in

(lift your laptop slightly in the air and hold the left side and push it upwards to the right direction and smoothly push it back and down)

The errors and inconvenient messages will instantly dissapear!

Try it yourself, maybe try more than once if it doesn't work, I'm running a HP Pavillion and it fixed it.
Enjoy :)

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