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I am using W7, home premium on 1 year old HP desktop computer.

Recently, I was having trouble accessing videos from you tube, email and other sites. I had been using adobe flash player 9 and I was told to upgrade adobe flash and to get version 11. I installed version 11 but it would not play until I lowered my privacy settings from medium high to medium per instructions on Adobe. The flash player worked after that except now I am constantly getting the following message everytime I launch IE 9 and every time I go to a web site. The error message is always similar to this -

"Privacy Alert
The website (AZh).com has requested to save a file on your computer called a cookie. Do you want to allow?

Allow or block"

I am currently getting this message many times a day. No matter if I select block or allow, they keep coming back. This happens on all sites and often is unrelated to the site I am visiting.


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If you go to IE9 Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, then click the Advanced button, you should see a cookie setting options page. I always hate to accept 3rd party cookies, but you may have to allow if you want to get rid of the messages if the normal setting doesn't help.

I don't know for sure, but another option might be to click the red flag on the bottom of the window and see if it offers to allow cookies from that particular site.


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I think you have to answer this the first time you are on a particular site. Once you have ackowlededged with "Apply my decision to all cookies from this website" with, either "Allow Cookie" or "Block Cookie," the setting is remembered and IE never asks about the site again.
Of course, you would need to do this on all the sites which are troubling you with this message.


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Thanks to Saltgrass and davehc for your help. The problem is currently solved and under control.

Happy New Year to you both.

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