Windows 7 Constant restarting issue


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Constant restarting issue With HDMI

Ok, just built a media center and im using windows 7 beta on it, it installed 1st go no worries, after playing around a little with it n setting up the display, i used it a few times, watched some movies, all good. now last night when i turned it on, it got as far as the windows starting, Black screen, windoes 7 down the bottom with the loading bar, it does that for a few seconds and reboots, once its done that it goes into the safe mode option screen, Safe mode works, but starting windows normally does the same thing, this is over and over.

I have formatted like 4 times, i've done startup repair, came back with no issues, prior to windows 7 i had vista on it with no starting problems.
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WHen you say you've formatted 4 times, you mean you reinstalled 7 each time? And the same failure returns right after reinstall? Then it can't be OS. Sounds like Hardware. Suggest you run Disk DIagnostics/repair and Memtest 86 both from CD, for starters. If you built your rig, it could be so many things like connectors that you should probably just rebuild it?
yeah i built it, and yeah, done all the test and they came back all clear and a format and reinstall everytime

ok, an update, i reinstalled windows again using a normal monitor, no problems with restarts at all, as soon as i swapped it over to HDMI cable for the big tv is does the restart, if i turn it off and go back to the normal monitor, it automatically does a startup repair, n it works fine with no issues, then when i hook the tv up again, it will work fine no worries, its just as soon as i reboot is shits itself

mainboard is asus M2N68-VM

Ok, it works with the monitor and the Tv pluged in, but as soon as i pull the monitor for a reboot it wont work, TV is set to main screen
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