Constant Shutdowns - Kernal Power (Event ID:37)

Lately it's been happening alot, I even reinstalled W7 and all because its just killing me.
My laptop will just completly kill with no errors or such and only one trace in the Event Log that hasn't helped at all. Here as a last resort since I need to have it fixed for school soon or I'll be having alot of troubles. Thing is once it happens once I typically can't manage to keep the computer on long as it'll crash within seconds or even sometimes during the boot process, not sure if it ever was pre-boot enviroment but occasionally before W7 boot (Boot last cLoader)

Sofar it's been happening like crazy in the last couple days but I'm trying everything I can, running the laptop off battery without being plugged in sofar it hasn't crashed yet. Running without Batt is no success.

Its a Acer Aspire 6530 Laptop
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL-62
GFX Card: Mobo Integratted ATI HD3200
320GB Hitachi HDD

Firewall, software, antivirus irrelevant. New install ain't helping at all. Hell it crashed multiple times running the installer both in the proccess and during the configuration once it was installed.
I do have Ubuntu currently installed, havn't used it lately though may try to see if it crashes when my computer goes on a crash spree which seems I can't turn it on for an hour or something along the lines of that.

Thanks alot for your help, I really appreciate it.
Copy and Paste of Event Log Error which always has 2 entries (1 for each core?)
  [B]-[/B] [B]System[/B]     

    [B]-[/B] [B]Provider[/B]     

[  [B]Name[/B]]  Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power    

[  [B]Guid[/B]]  {0F67E49F-FE51-4E9F-B490-6F2948CC6027}

[B]EventID[/B] 37    

[B]Version[/B] 0    

[B]Level[/B] 3    

[B]Task[/B] 7    

[B]Opcode[/B] 0    

[B]Keywords[/B] 0x8000000000000000    

    [B]-[/B] [B]TimeCreated[/B]     

[  [B]SystemTime[/B]]  2011-01-10T01:00:38.591410400Z

[B]EventRecordID[/B] 1961    


    [B]-[/B] [B]Execution[/B]     

[  [B]ProcessID[/B]]  4    

[  [B]ThreadID[/B]]  44

[B]Channel[/B] System    

[B]Computer[/B] Acer-Lapt    

    [B]-[/B] [B]Security[/B]     

[  [B]UserID[/B]]  S-1-5-18

    [B]-[/B] [B]EventData[/B]     

[B]Group[/B] 0    

[B]Number[/B] 1    

[B]CapDurationInSeconds[/B] 1    

[B]PpcChanges[/B] 8    

[B]TpcChanges[/B] 0    

[B]PccChanges[/B] 0
- System     

    - Provider     

[  Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power    

[  Guid]  {0F67E49F-FE51-4E9F-B490-6F2948CC6027}

EventID 37    

Version 0    

Level 3    

Task 7    

Opcode 0    

Keywords 0x8000000000000000    

    - TimeCreated     

[  SystemTime]  2011-01-10T01:00:38.491410400Z

EventRecordID 1960    


    - Execution     

[  ProcessID]  4    

[  ThreadID]  44

Channel System    

Computer Acer-Lapt    

    - Security     

[  UserID]  S-1-5-18

    - EventData     

Group 0    

Number 0    

CapDurationInSeconds 1    

PpcChanges 8    

TpcChanges 0    

PccChanges 0


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please update all drivers and bios using links found here:

Acer Support - Drivers & Download See Screenshot.

Also what are your temperatures like? Please clean out any vents using either compressed air or a brush.

I have the latest drivers and bios. When idling I have about 70 Celsius, regular use about 80 and games or heavy use is 90 tops.
I'll be sure to clean the vents.

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