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Windows 7 Constantly disconnecting


New Member
Mar 9, 2009
I installed the new release last night (7048 x64) and ever since I am constantly getting disconnected from the internet. I have to go and repair the connection in order to get connected again. It's a random event nothing seems to trigger it. I left it on last night and it aparently stayed on all night yet today while running some benchmarks it disconnected. Even while typing this it has disconnected once. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Though I will say I am liking this new build alot. Got a few fps increase as well.

Just as an update aparently I had to reinstall all my drivers after the update. Windows became extremely unstable after updating from 6801 so I ended up doing a clean format and install and I haven't had a crash yet :). Then again I haven't started gaming fully yet but my cinebench10 scores have skyrocketed with this new build!
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