Windows 7 Contents of folder not showing


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Hello all,
So this is whats going on. i installed windows 7 on my laptop. my laptop is my main computer, i dont use my desktop much any more. so i decided to put it on craigslist to gain a couple dollars. i wanted to save all my files from my desktop. since i dont have an external hardrive i took the hardrive out of my laptop and put it into my desktop. i created a new folder named backup an saved it to the hardrive. i pulled all 250GB of files off my desktop and onto my laptop hardrive. i opened the folder after the transfer was complete and was able to see all of my files. i put the hardrive back into my laptop and booted it up. i went to the folder where i save all my files so i can start sorting them. the folder was gone. i set folder options to show hidden folders. i found it. the folder has a padlock on it and when i go to open the folder it is empty, not a single file to be seen. the space is being taken up on my hardrive. out of 320GB i have a little more than 40 free. if i do a search for the files they dont come up. they are on the hardrive somewhere but not where i put them, i think. any help at all will be greatly appreciated. (I had formatted the hardrives in my desktop after the transfer was complete, so all my documents are on my laptop :()
Thanks in advance,
Thanks for your help!
Sad to say it wont allow me to move the folder it says that i dont have sufficent permissions....