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    I am not a coder or programmer. I will start by asking the question and then tell you what I want to accomplish.
    Can a windows command be run from the right mouse click folder context menu?
    I work with a lot of pictures and create a lot of folders to put the pictures into. Most of the time I need to resize them before I can use them. In windows XP I figured out, with the help of some really great guys how to do it but since migrating to 7 I haven't been able to duplicate it. Here is what I want to get done.
    In windows explorer I want to be able to right mouse click in the folder view(right side of the windows with a folder opened) and click one time on an entry in that menu to create a new folder in the current folder and have it named "resized". This would be a time saver to me if it can be done in 7. Thanks. Ras

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