Windows 7 Control minimized Windows Media Player

(Sorry for my bad english, i was using a dictionary. Hope I'll make myself clear.)

Do you guys know a program which allows to control WMP even when it is minimized?

For example, when I press ctrl+shift+space (or something like that) the WMP starts to play music, when I press other key combination it rewinds to another track, or the previous one. I'm actually interested in only those 3 functions. Remember the program has to operate on minimized player.

In my previous laptop i've had special buttons to do such thing (it worked on mp3 player i tried) , this one doesn't.

Thanks for reading and any response

I've asked my friend for help on this, he told he'll try to write such application. While searching for ideas he found this WMP plugin:
WMP Keys - Microsoft

So thanks, problem solved

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