control panel problems


Whenever I try to open/run any of the listed control applets I receive the error as shown in the attachment.......

Display Settings
Internet Options
Regional and Language
Advanced Power
Network Connections
Game Controllers
Date and Time
Security Center

I think that it is a result of a Trojan, this was successfully removed by 'Windows Defender', sorry but I cannot remember the name of the Trojan, I have tried looking for an answer on the internet with no success.

I have tried a system restore with no success, comes back with an error, possibly related.

Can anyone help


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Try running a spyware program..


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Try running a spy ware program..
You still think a Virus or a Trojans in his computer? Maybe the Trojan got into his back-up? I recently, (July) had a Trojan removed from my system. I have Norton Internet Security, over 200 and some files were affected. Ran several scans, Registry Cleaner, Webroot Window Cleaner, PC Optimization Program. I ran Scannow without needing my Vista Installation Disk and then installed SP1. No problem. (Hyjack This- is a good spyware program to run)

Sorry for the delay in responding to your emails, :D

I have resolved the issue. By using 'Vista Manager' from Yamicsoft, I found under the 'security' heading then 'Drives and Programs' is an entry for 'Image Hijack',

Under this I found that 'RunDll32.exe was re-referenced to 'RunDll32.exe' this I think caused a circular reference that caused the file name to grow and grow until the error message came up.

Once again sorry for the delay and thank you for your responses:):):)


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That explains the file extension is to long, how weird. I don't understand how that happened. How did you create a loop?

I did not create the loop, I believe that the Trojan that my PC was infected with must have re-directed rundll32 to another file and when it was 'repaired' it must have replaced the the infected file address with Rundll32.exe thus causing a loop.

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