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I have a lot of FLVs that are unseekable. I have tried a number of converters, because that is all that I have read about for solving the problem, however the only one that I have found that works for me is HandBrake.

The problem with it is that the only output options are for either MKV or MP4. Since I have had some problems with MKVs in the past, I am using the latter. The reason that is a problem is because the converted MP4 is twice as large as the original FLV, and I see no difference in either audio or video quality.

Is there not a way to make a FLV seekable and keep the FLV format so that the size remains the same?


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Have you tried the applian player:

Download FLV Player


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Thanks, but from the title in the link, and from what I read on that page, that is a player...not a converter. If a file such as these isn't complete, it will be the same with any player used...they play fine, but aren't seekable.


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Thanks, that sounds exactly what I need. That page also references a couple of other programs which sound appropriate, and perhaps a bit more comfortable for the command line illiterate like myself. In any case, it give me something to tinker with for a while.


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Hmm, it looked like a good idea, but in my case, trying to use it is like beating a dead horse. Regardless of what I try, it instantly produces an error dialog, like shown below. It just seems to not like any of my FLV files. If I understand, the header is where the meta data would be contained...true? If so, you would think that it could fix any problems with it, but apparently not. Flvmdi.png

I've using Xilisoft video converter for my projects, I haven't had any problem with it so far. Not quite sure if it would help your problem.

Maybe tried uploading that particular FLV to YouTube then download it from there?

Also, I have 1 simple convertor here for file size reduction, it's using the same alghorithm(wow, how's that slept) as the websites use for optimal smaller size, but keep the quality fine.

Have a look at it: convertor.7z
Not sure yet how the things are being held here, so I'm providing you virustotal scan:

MD5: E428B0DF29672796689D7B8447B0DB5D

The stupid thing is, the program is on my native language, which sux, but I will have it translated for you:



After the convert is finished, it will tell you "файлът е конвертиран успешно" which means it was convertered successfuly, otherwise there is some sort of an error.

I truly wish any of those solutions works for you.

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Thanks a lot. The program works, and if it's GUI were in english and it had the ability to be pointed at a directory of files, rather than just one at a time, it would be ideal. I've only used it on a couple of files and it seems curious, because you said that it is used for file size reduction. While it did slightly reduce the size of one file, it increased the other. However, the increase was not nearly so great as with HandBrake.

I shall be using this program, but since it requires so much attention by having to load files individually, it shall be a slow process.

Yeah, well, I guess the GUI language doesn't actually matters, as you only have to select the file and start the converting, though, selecting one by one if you have dozens I guess it can be pain in the ***.

Try that xilisoft converter I mentioned early.


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Just installed Xillisoft, but after scanning through the options, it seems to be able to output to just about any format, except FLV. Maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect that if I converted to any other format, the file size would grow.


I suggest you to use FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter it works great.

(Link removed - installs junkware)

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Freemore AudioVideo Suite has a preset quality options, worth trying.

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