Windows 7 Cookies gone after power loss


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Hello everyone,

So I have been using windows 7 since about memorial day, and really cant complain too much. The only major concern I have so far (besides not being able to delete folders because it claimed they were in use {i think i fixed this}) is that recently, it almost seems like once a week my house is loosing power when it rains.. Typically its for a brief second, computer reboots, clocks flicker and so on. Well we lost power again just last night, and the computer never rebooted, it just stayed off, which I found weird. Now also, the major concern is each time that we have lost power, when I go into IE8, my cookies are gone, not signed into any websites or forums anymore. Although yet if I go into my temp internet files, the cookies are still listed in there..

Anyone know whats going on? Is this an IE problem or a windows 7 problem, or just MY problem..

No disrespect, but switch to firefox :)

Aside from that.. Your problem seems wierd, agree.. It should not have an impact on your cookies.
I am having the same problem with the cookies being deleted. It happens when Win7 crashes just about every time I hibernate my Dell Latitude D830. I haven't tried Firefox yet on this build.
I did switch to firefox, but really dont see it as anything better than IE8.. if FF does close will it save your pages like IE8???
Save pages? So it displays the pages you had open the last time you used firefox, when you open it again? Then yes.. Just tell it to remember your pages when you close the browser. It asks you when you close the browser..