Cops: Drunken Cowboys Arrested on Horse and Mule

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    Austin Police: Drunken Cowboys Arrested on Horse and Donkey

    You can lead a horseback-riding cowboy to a watering hole, but you can't make him drink responsibly.

    Police in Austin, Texas, arrested two men on charges of drunken driving after they allegedly blocked traffic on East Sixth Street while riding a horse and a mule.

    Jose Rios, 33, and Samuel Olivo Jr., 48, were nabbed after police spotted them trotting down East Sixth Street on Jan. 7 and allegedly urging passers-by to walk onto the roadway and take pictures with their steeds.

    However, police weren't entertained by the mule and pony show and thought the cowboys could have caused an accident, according to Fox 7.

    After summoning the department's DWI team, officers conducted field sobriety tests and observed that Rios had bloodshot eyes and was struggling to keep his balance. He told police he had had "two vodka and cranberry drinks," according to an affidavit obtained by the Austin American-Statesman.

    Video recorded by a police dashboard camera (raw footage of the arrest below) appears to show Olivo stating that he consumed two margaritas over the course of the evening, then losing his balance and stumbling into a police officer.

    Both men were initially charged with driving under the influence, though those charges were later reduced. Prosecutors reportedly say they intend to charge the cowboys with the lesser offense of public intoxication.

    While Rios and Olivo went to the drunk tank, police transported their horse and mule to the Town Lake Animal Center, then to an animal hospital in Elgin where their owners can pick them up -- after paying an impound fee of $50 per animal and $28 per day for housing costs.

    Read more at Fox 7 and the Austin American-Statesman.

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