copy and paste over from 32 to 64 of same vista os?

i have question? how well dose copy and paste over same version of os but from 32 to 64 bit. or should i use program like pc mover to do that. i have hp pc and it os is windows vista home premium 32 bit. and what i like to do is copy all file (ctrl-c) that came with hp pc even the programs that it shipped with, on to external drive then install fresh copy of windows vista home premium 64bit, then paste (ctrl-v) the hp pc from external hard drive over the 64 bit and replace the copy file when asked.


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The operating system architecture won't affect anything when you copy data. The file system is what will have restrictions if you copy between different file system types. This wont be an issue either since Microsoft uses NTFS on all current Windows versions.

Side note, most programs generally will not work if you simply copy them. You can try, but I'll guarantee many of them will not work.


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32/64 bit Incompatibility is just the start of yor problems in trying to copy applications programs in the way you describe. When you "install" a program it doesn't just copy a few files across - it installs other components such as run time routines(libraries), registry entries, program data files, user parameters to name just a few. Simply copying across just an executable file will work only for only a few very simple applications.