Copy & Paste Keys changed ? CTL+INS , et al

In XP, I used to be able to easily Copy & Paste using the CTL+INS , SHIFT + INS keys .. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do that in Windows 7

Is that feature gone? or is there a new procedure or set of keys ?? (short of right-clicking & using the popup menu) thanks


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Is there some application you are using the copy and paste option in? I always thought CTRL+C and CRTL+V were the normal ones.


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As far as I know, the long standing and default keyboard shortcut (hotkeys) for
Copy = Ctrl + C
Paste = Ctrl + V
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows
It is of course possible by using various third part software product to create your own macros

Thanks for the input guys ... Yea, I totallty forgot about the "standard" C&P method ... Like I said, on my previous laptop I used CTL+INS etc .. The CTL+C & CTL+V works perfectly ... duh ...

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