Copying files.

Hey people,

I have tune-up utilitites 2009 on my laptop.Vista home-premium. Recently i have been having issues with vista and need to do a factory reset. But what im worried about it losing my tune-up. I have used all licences and don't want to buy another licence pack just for the same pc but factory reset. I dont want to spend £29 because my pc buggered up.

Is there a way that i can copy the folder of tune-up from system program files and store it on a external disk and put the files in place on the new installation of vista. Will that transfer the product key all over to it thinks its still the same version as before. Or will this cause errors like thinking i have the wrong memory and such.

Please help because my vista is really annoying atm and i dont want to spend £29 on one-new licence.


George, you should have pc utility installation file + activation code which will be enough to reinstall the utility. Better get in touch with the developers to consult on your worries, else do a backup of the entire drive with your system + utilities. Simple backup of the folder won't do.

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