Corrupt pdf file when copying from Win 7 to XP

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    Using a remote desktop connection, pdf files created in Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit (remote machine) using Acrobat 9.4 as the printer are copied using right-click>copy and pasted to the desktop of an XP Pro SP3 machine (local machine) running Acrobat 9.4. When the file is opened in XP system an error is returned = "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

    pdf files created on the XP machine using Acrobat 9.4 and copied to the Win 7 machine are fine = no problem.

    If the pdf files created on the Win 7 machine are emailed and then downloaded from Internet email to XP machine they are fine.

    If the pdf files created on the Win 7 machine are zipped and the right-click>copy is used to paste to the XP machine they are fine once they are unzipped.

    Tried using Reader 8 and Reader 9 on XP machine but still have the error.

    Other files (excel, word, etc.) copy and paste without any problems. Only pdf created with Acrobat are an issue. Other pdfs downloaded from other sites are fine.

    pdf files created without Acrobat pdf software (e.g. from Intuit applications) don't have a problem.

    Only files created with Adobe Acrobat 9 have a problem.

    More info:

    On the Win 7 system that created the file, the size is 307652 bytes with size on disk of 311296.

    When I copy the file to the remote XP system the file size is 311296 with the size on disk being 311296.

    So, something is getting messed up.

    When I copy a jpg file from the Win 7 system to the XP, the file sizes parameters do not change.

    When I copy a Internet downloaded pdf file to the XP system from the Win 7 system, the file size parameters do not change.

    It seems only to happen with pdf files that are created using Acrobat on the Win 7 64-bit system.

    If I copy an Acrobat created pdf file from the Win 7 system to the XP system and then copy it back to the Win 7 system it will not open in the Win 7 system that created it. The file size parameters do not change on the second copy. Only on the first copy.

    Another strange occurrence - I created a pdf file using Acrobat on the XP system and copied it to the Win 7 system. It opened fine on the Win 7 system. I then erased it from the XP system and copied it back from the Win 7 system to the XP system where it had originated. The file was then corrupted and could not be opened on the same system that created it. All that happened was copying it back and forth. It can go one direction (XP > Win 7) but not the other (Win 7 > XP).

    The file type should not matter when using the copy function. But for some reason it is only messing up the pd files that are created.

    Any suggestions on how to get this working without using a workaround?

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