Corrupted Display Driver, wierd display


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Hello, I've been using this forum for a lot of information. I've searched, but i didn't find one like this, so i created an account and is now writing this.

The display driver seems to be corrupted. When i turn the computer on, it does not show me the "Windows is starting up..." instead, i see yellow and white stripes. I know that this is not my moniter's driver because external display will not work at all, and that the screen responds by changing its color when I move my mouse.

This had happened once already, and i could somewhat see what was happenening on my moniter. This time, i don't see anything except for stripes, so i couldn't go and reinstall the driver. The computer works fine, except for the display.

I've tried Safe Mode, but it's not as safe i thought it would be, because it still used my corrupted driver.

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, and is running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Compaq Presario v3700.

I was having other problems, for example, I manually needed to make my computer know that i wanted to change my audio outputs between speakers and headphones. (like, the speakers will still play its sound and my headphones will have none)

Please help, I've never had this kind of problem before.

How should i fix this?