Corrupted Text on Starup Menu-Windows 7 Ultimate

Snapshot 5.jpg Dear People,
I have a mistifying problem that I have not been able to permanently solve for a long time. The Start Menu area Text appears smudged and barely visible when the Start button is clicked. I am referring to the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window that appears when I right-click “properties” on the TaskBar. That takes me to the mentioned window. Taskbar appearance has 3 boxes that have to be checked to activate. They are: (1)“Lock the Taskbar”(always Unchecked), (2)“Auto-hide the taskbar” and (3)“Use small icons”. I always have (2) and (3) checked. What ALWAYS fix the problem is when I uncheck (2) and (3) and check both again followed by “Apply” and “ok”, Note that the Aero left always checked. I’m including a screenshot of the corrupted area. I am NOT facing other display issues. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Try resetting to defaults - Right click the Taskbar, Properties, start menu, customize, click on default settings.


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Have you modified any parts of your Desktop? Maybe it is the way you took the picture or the size of your Start Menu, but the User photo is not normally in the Start menu background, but sits almost on top.

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