Corsair H80 liquid cooling system


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I don't get on much these days but at age 79 I am still computing among many other things and I wanted to tell you that | have just updated to Ivybridge. and installed the Corsair H80 liquids cooling.
Now I don't mention this to boast but to say how great the Corsair H80 is I am now getting idling temp of 26 degrees C ( Or 5 above ambient) and it is very easy to install. There are videos of how to do it on the web. Of course they don't show you the bits where you drop the screw into the heart of you mother board. but I must say it gives great cooling for a CPU that gets a bit hot when overclocked.
I had a Frio before that weighed a ton and filled the case. Now there is so much room to get at everything.
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