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    I built a new system two months ago and did all the stress test and memtest etc. however, over the past 48 hours my system has started to lock up, the mouse would still move and I can interact with open windows for a few seconds before they also start to freeze up. After 1-2 minutes all open windows would stop working, the task bar would so grey, and explorer will stop responding. However, the mouse still works. I ran a memtest and found that a few of the sticks are reporting errors now and the others only make it to stage 7 of memtest86 4.0 before the computer suddenly shuts down. I am attaching screenshots from my bios so hopefully someone may have had some experience dealing with this before and can offer some advice. I have requested an exchange from amazon so they are shipping me new modules overnight for free and I am sending in the bad ones I have. If anyone with experience can advise me what I can do to prevent this from happening or if any of my settings are off which could lead to this issue I would really appreciate it.

    64GB DDR3 1600 MHz Ram
    GTX680 / Quadro NVS 450 running 6 23"LED HDMI Monitors
    240GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
    1.5TB X1 Storage
    1TB X 2 Storage
    Intel Core i7 3930k 3.2Ghz Hexa-Core
    Intel DX79SR Motherboard
    Corsair 1200w 80 Plus Gold Certified High Performance PSU
    Corsair Hydro H100 CPU Cooler
    Cooler Master HAF Mid Tower ATX USB3.0/External SATA X-Dock
    Samsung Blu-Ray Player
    Logitech G19 Keyboard
    Logitech G700 Mouse
    UPEK Fingerprint Reader

    5423ac3e0bff86a5b93825fa01655ba4_zpsae7e254c. aef65877f69514643ffe6fa203c535e5_zpsb8d5e6a8. 3627b7f22355c7061846bab52dd4b1bc_zpsa307611e. d4ac2e517fc45d34c9c5f5a80a465b85_zpse2a79b03.
    c5a2e16c8d816ca77b5ec043a04d1629_zps564f849d. 99d6bc367685ee90793c315893d02a0a_zpsa0202129.
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    When installing RAM:
    - unplug the system from the wall (if a laptop, remove the battery also)
    - grab the metal chassis of the case (to discharge any static) and continue to hold onto it.
    - undo the clips and remove the memory modules.

    - take the new memory modules and place them in the slots.
    - seat them with one hand (if possible) so you can keep the other hand on the case (so static won't damage it).
    - if not possible, use both hands as quickly as possible - and don't move around a lot (to prevent more static from building up).

    After that, run MemTest 86+ (I find the other tests are less reliable) according to the instructions here: Memory Diagnostics
    You can also run Prime95 to stress test the memory (the Blend test is the most torturous on RAM) - link to it is here: Additional Hardware Diagnostics

    You must fix the RAM problems before investigating any other problems. Let us know if the new RAM fixes things and we'll move on from there.
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    I agree. The number one side-effect of bad RAM is computer freezing. Replace the bad RAM and if the problem still persists, get back to us.

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