Counterstrike: Source

I have some big problem when i want to play CSS and other games.

The problem is that i have very low FPS and a suckage of gameplay.....

Now i have installed the newest Vista drivers for my ATI Card and it says this.?

Does anyone know this kind of problem and to solve it .





cs source

hey, im running source perfectly on my toshiba laptop with incredible graphics, my video card is a geforce go7600 256mb. what is your graphic card exactly, update your card with the latest driver and go for a modded (tweaked) driver which will always improve the performance and quality of your card. what kind of error you getting?



re source

hey, im sorry i didnt see the screenshot, dont worry about this message, just chekc don't show this message again, i used to get it too, its nothing to worry about.

I am using a ATI X1600 PRO 512 MB Video Card.

And i have installed the newest Vista drivers for my card.. and what do you mean by tweaked drivers? do you have any links to this?



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I'm having similar problems with this game, and Fable too.

When I start playing, it's allright, but then, like in 3 to 5 mins, it starts to lag, the fps go down (from 60 to 15, for example), and if I close the game, and I run it again, its does the exact thing over again.

My PC is:

Motherboard P35Neo MSI
Video Geforce 8600 GT XFX
HDD Hitachi 320Gb Sata
CPU Core 2 Duo 2.3 Ghz

I tried went back to older drivers from the graphic card, but it's the same. And this worked perfect yesterday on Vista... Everything else works fine.

Note: I did an upgrade, not a fresh install. If an upgrade it's not safe, it shouldn't even be there.

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