couple big problems for first-time 7 user

so i have 3 big problems. background- my laptop's harddrive died, so i took the harddrive out of my external western digital passport and put it into my laptop and installed windows 7. i've never used vista before, so this jump from xp to 7 is quite annoying

1. so a lot files i can't access until i grant it access. i guess i'm not an admin or something, but i am an admin. i'm the only user on this computer with administration rights, but a lot of my files can't write over other files unless i "run it as admin", but again i am an admin! also, sometimes i can't move files because i don't have read access to it (even though i'm admin!) but when i "allow" it it works fine. i have already disabled UAC, but that doesn't fix anything. what's going on and how do i fix this?

2. so like i said, i put my external harddrive into my laptop to use as an external. in my taskbar when i go to the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media", it detects my internal harddrive as an external harddrive, so i can technically eject it. wtf? when i go to "Device and Printers", it agains shows my internal harddrive as an external and lets me eject it. how do i get rid of this? i don't want to accidentally eject my internal boot harddrive

3. after i download a new movie/music/document and go to it in windows explorer, the icon has a lock in it. what does this mean and again how do i get rid of it? i don't want these files limited in anyway

thanks in advance for any help!

I can help with 1 + 3.

For 1 just right click on the drive letter and select take ownership if its there. You might have to do it to the User, and Program files folder individually. It will take awhile depending on how many files you have, but afterwards, you should have full access.

As for 3, I believe that means its locked, because its from another computer. To remove that, right click the media go to properties and click unlock.

As for 2, it might not be possible. But I'm no super 7 expert. :p

Hope this helps ya.

#3...there is no option for unlock. also, how is it from "another computer"? all files i download by default have this lock icon

#3...there is no option for unlock. also, how is it from "another computer"? all files i download by default have this lock icon
Hmm, well the only time I've seen that lock icon is when the file came from somebody else's Windows computer. In that case I say just ignore it. It's not stopping you from doing anything is it?

nope everything works fine i can still access it and everything...just annoying

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