COVID-19 Migrate to new PC over internet


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88 year old Grandad is in isolation; I don't want to visit him as I have family members with symptoms.
His ancient PC (running Windows 10, just about) needs replacing. I have remote access to it (Teamviewer).
I have a new laptop for him. I want to transfer his basic settings to new PC just over internet. Basically, can I backup his 'profile' to a file on his existing PC, transfer this to my laptop and maybe write to a memory stick, then use this to setup new PC. Thinking about cookies, bookmarks, Wifi configuration etc. I note that pcmover seems to be free at the moment - does this insist machines are co-located? Want to setup as much as I can, then post laptop to him to avoid contact.
Then when two machines are co-located I can remote connect to both to copy any bulky items like old emails or documents.
Any advice / guidance / suggestions appreciated.


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Hi Neemobeer, thanks for your suggestion.
Had a look at USMT; but thought I would give PCMover a try before delving into modifying XML config files.
PCMover, under Advanced settings has an option to create to a file, which can be on the source boot disk, so happy days.
All worked and transferred over, a few bits missing (I was hoping Wifi SSID/PW would come for free but alas didn't).
Thanks again.


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netsh wlan show profile ( to list the profiles)
netsh wlan export profile ? (will give you the syntax to export a profile)
netsh wlan import profile ? (will give you the syntax to import a profile)