CPU coolers

What CPU cooler are you using and what are your temps?
I'm using a Vigor gaming 92mm Monsoon II and I've been happy with it for over a year but here lately my temps have been above "my" normal. :confused:
I've checked my fan speed and all that, so I'm kinda wondering if it might be going bad. I know how that sounds but mine is a Thermal Electric so it's not just a heatsink and fan combo.
Idle 38*
Heavy Load 3DMark06 during 1st CPU test 59*

When I first got it my temps:
Idle 29*
Heavy Load 3DMark06 during 1st CPU test 42*


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I use a Scythe Samurai which whilst not an extreme cooler, it does the job very well.
Temps range from 28c idle to 52c max load using prime95.

Here's what the beast looks like...

Here is what I have in mind to replace it...

I'm also considering this one but it is x2 the price :(


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Both look decent coolers. have you tried checking reviews?


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Well pick one and I will go buy the same, that we can have twice the fun, right? Actually my core's have come down quite a bit lately. But, since I have the money handy I might as well get this project finished.

I read the reviews on them both and decided on the freezer pro 7. It's reviews were just as good at half the price. Plus I have the older version on Frank-n-Stine :D


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I on my HP a6300f which is a 775 socket right? Thanks. Oh I need anything else?

I on my HP a6300f which is a 775 socket right?
Yes I went to HP's site and this is what I found...
Pentium E2180 (C) 2.0 GHz
  • 800 MHz front side bus
  • Socket 775


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Thats the one. Do I need any grease or anything like that? And will order shortly.

Here is the link where I got it.
Newegg.com - ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler - CPU Fans & Heatsinks

Some people choose to use a different paste than what already comes on it, and I've done the same in the past, but I figure whatever come on it should be sufficient or the MFG wouldn't use it, they know more about this stuff then I do. :D


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Already done and I hope there's a big difference.

Got mine in to today..now I gotta burn in my Arctic Silver Ceramique :D

It's a lot smaller than my old one. :eek:

I got Everest stressing my CPU and the temp has been fairly steady at 53*c
I'm thinking about letting it run all night to see if it will go down after it gets burned in good.


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Well no matter what I can't be happier. The temp's stay nice and steady all day and all night. No more shall we say mood swings here. Since I trust your judgement in these matters, let me know if you get more goodies!!!!!

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