Cpu Overclock Limiti 221MHz

I tried to Overclock my CPU from 2Ghz(2000mhz) to 2.5ghz. It's limit is 2.2 ghz (221mhz)
When i put the FSB more than 221, then the PC won't start up and i have to unplug the CMOS jumber to load the default values.
I tried to increase the voltage, but it dosen't seems to work. I also tried to reduce my RAM frequency to 400mhz, but it only helps me a tiny bit. The FSB can be set to 223mhz instead 221mhz :p
(Also, i don't exactly know what to do with the Latency times etc. so i have it By SPD)
Here are all my specs:
CPU: View image: cpu
mobo: http://postimage.org/image/3jw6j3z13/

Here is a pic of my Overclock settings: View image: IMG 20120103 233304

If you need anything else like bios settings, or anything please tell me to upload a pic ;).
Thank you in advance!


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I misread your original comments, so I backed out. There may be some folks here to help you, but if you really need to overclock, there is an Overclockers site that might help...

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