Windows 7 CPU speed changing


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Jun 13, 2013

my cpu speed keeps changing from 999 mhz to about 3500 mhz.
this mostly happens while im playing a game.
my screen goes blue then turns black and after it goes back into the game.

what can i do to fix this? or what to check for?

i have posted on the B.S.O.D also heres the link :
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it sounds like your CPU is throttling and this is either by design or overheating. You may need to update the bios or check your cooling and if you are indeed getting bsod's then see this thread here and post the results:


I just read your post in the blue screen section.

It may be that the cpu is doing what it's supposed to do. Today's systems are designed to drop speeds and power if it's not required. If you notice the cpu is dropping it's speed in the quieter moments of a game or whilst using the desktop then that's usually normal.
Your CPU-Z shot looks fine and i also notice the cpu throttles between a multiplier of 8 to 38 which is why your seeing the drop in speed.
You could test that the cpu is working properly by stressing it and seeing what the speed is. This app will help you in that process:

I notice you mention about problems with gaming. Could you post your system details regarding gpu and driver used. Also what size is your psu?
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im using an asus gtx 660 for my gpu, im not sure what u mean by driver but current driver version is 320.18. its a nvidia graphic card

my psu is a seasonic s12II 620w

my problem i want to fix is that sometimes while gaming my display driver would crash, it gives me a message that my display driver has crashed and successfully recovered.

i have run the cpu test and the speed is about 3400 mhz, i used hwinfo it says around 3400 mhz and therm is ok when i ran the cpu test.
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apologies for not getting back sooner (I'm currently repainting the house).

I know some Nvidia users are finding the 320.18s quite buggy. They seem to be fine on my system but it may help if you go back to the previous release (314.22). You can find a copy here:

Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Vista | 7
ok i downloaded the 314.22 version but still getting those crashes but not has much.

any way i can make it so it doesn't crash?
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