CPU spikes

At random intervals, regardless of if I'm working with the PC or just listening idly to music in iTunes, the system will hang for about 5 seconds at a time. During the freeze, both cores max out, the mouse and all apps freeze and the music will play the last half second of audio repeatedly until it fixes itself. Everything seems fine after the spike is gone. This will happen in 2 to 10 minute intervals. I'm confident it's not a virus as AVG isn't finding anything and I've only recently installed the OS.

The system is not overclocked and seems stable otherwise.

Windows 7 64-bit
Gigabyte Mobo
4GB OCZ 1200 DDR2

If AVG cannot find it doesn't mean its not a Virus.. Try keeping the task manager open and find out which process is eating up your resources. This will help a lot

Joe S

Excellent Member
It might be the AVG, I had problems similar a few years ago. I switched to Avast free and never had the problem again.

I am having this problem as well. The computer just locks up for about 10 seconds and then resumes. I cant check the task manager to see what process is causing it because its all locked up. By the time i can look the processes are all back to normal. But the timeline shows a period of a couple of seconds of 100% activity.

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