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Here is another poor soul sucked into windows 7, only to find that most of the time 60% of my AMD Phenom II X4 940 is tied up by what the resouce monitor claims is system interrupts. I have not added or changed anything since installing the windows 7 X64 upgrade to my Vista 64 system. I did have a little trouble getting my earphones to work - but that is about it.
Any suggestions on what I might do next?:confused:
I've looked at all the answers to the same problem in other threads but they have not helped or did not seem to apply.

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Start the Task Manager and check the Processes tab. It shows what is using processor time. If you click the CPU entry, it reverses whether the most or least is listed first. When it shows a high rate, click on it so you can follow which one it was. If you find out, post back with that.

Problem Intermittent

Rebooted, problem gone. Entered COD4 game - exited 4 seconds later problem is back, also USB devices dead.
Task manager processes shows System Idle at 97 to 99 of CPU with remainder task manager and Iexplore.:confused:

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