Windows 7 CPU's maxing out without any reason


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I am running Windows 7 Build 7100 64 bit on an HP A6720F, Quad core AMD with 6 GB RAM. I did an upgrade from Vista SP1 and everything seemed fine. Now after 30 minutes or so, all 4 CPU's start running at 80-90%. Checking Task Manager processes only show about 3-4% usage, mainly from anti-virus and Task Manager itself. I manually shut down all services (Allowed) and no effect. A restart brings all back to normal. RAM isn't affected and stays about 1.4 GB used. Has anyone experienced this issue? I really don't want to do a clean install because I have lots of applications I use that would have to be manually re-installed...HELP!!!!!
You probably could solve the problem with some tweaking and what not but to truly make sure it is solved a clean install is the best bet.. ;) Unfortunately..

I agree reinstalling apps can be a pain in the a$$ but that's one of the risks invloved with testing BETA and RC software.. ;)

I think I have sloved problem. The A6720F has both LAN and wireless installed. I use the Cat 5e connection and found that the wireless was still active. I disabled and it has been working OK for over 30 min. PS, where do I find the old dive manager in Win 7>?