Crackling Noise and distortion

Hello. Recently I've bought the Roccat Kave gaming headset and to enjoy it ( i would not say to the fullest but at least the bass ) I bought along a Creative SB X-fi Titanium PCI-e sound card. It was all fine untill a couple days ago, where I started to feel distortion and crackling sounds when listening to anything on the computer. It is not from the headset because it works just fine when connected to the audio tray on the motherboard.

Here's my current specs :

ECS GF8100vm-m5
XFX ati hd 6870
xfx 450w pro
amd athlon x2 5200+

I would really appreciate any tips on how to fix it because it is quite annoying .


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Did you notice if Windows Update installed a driver for the sound card?

Have you done anything else to the system?

Could the card have gotten loose in the slot?

Regarding the card itself I un-replugged it so i think that excludes it . Now that I think of it, i think I started feeling the distortion and crackling sounds after installing the software from the soundcard and updating it, though it wasn't all the time. Now I feel distortion all the time. Any way to like uninstall everything related to the creative sound card and reinstalling?

Any other tips?


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In Device Manager, when you select uninstall, you will be offered the option of uninstalling all drivers.. That should remove the files and allow a clean setup. But Windows may still try to update it again..

Since I made this post I changed to my onboard audio. Today I tried to re-use my sound card again and it worked just fine for a couple of seconds. Then it went back to the same distortion noise there was. What could it be?


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Have you tried different slots for the sound card? It may be sharing resources with something else.

In your Audio Control Panel, Go into the EAX Effects and The CMSS-3D and make sure they are disabled. I found with both of them on I was receiving to high of volume from my Audigy card.

I have changed slots, formated my computer and set EAX Effects and CMSS-3D off. The distortion and the crackling sound are still here... I want to try everything before trying to switch this soundcard for any other on the shop I bought this one.

Have you tried using desktop speakers or another set of headphones?

The thing is I don't have any other way to use desktop speakers or another headset because what I want to work is the 5.1 sound from the headset and for that I needed the soundcard. So trying a regular headset on the soundcard wouldn't matter much and I dont think the problem is the headset because it works fine on the mobo audio.

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