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Hi, I'm currently having a problem i cant seem to figure out the cause. I've been using my onboard Realtec HD Sound on my Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 790X board for a while & then over passed 2 weeks i've noticed sound pops & crackling whenever i listen to music or watch movies & even when my windows loads up it crackles.

What ive done so far...

Uninstalled & reinstalled drivers
Uninstalled & installed older drivers
Uninstalled & installed Microsoft's default drivers
Checked Speakers & headphones & both work fine on my other system.
Uninstalled all codecs & reinstalled codecs.
Downloaded Different media players & tested.

Ive purchased a Speedlink Stage 7.1 PCI sound card to fix the problem & after installing drivers i still have the same damn problem.

I'm currently using windows 7 64bit on a desktop since its official release & only had this problem for 2-3 weeks now.

I'm suffering here guys, my sound is needed for audio editing & video editing so please can someone suggest some possible fix's.


Hey. Please install the latest driver from here if this is what you're not currently using:


Many times, this issue is caused by cpu throttling which is set in the bios. Try finding out which setting(s) affect this and disable as a test. Sometimes software that loads with Windows is responsible for the throttling. In this case, disable this software as a test.

If you have Easytune software installed from Gigabyte, or other unnecessary utilities from them, uninstall.

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wow & i mean WOW...

6 or 7 forums ive been on posting about this problem & had loads of replies saying to do drivers & do this & that & some even accused me of not following there instructions correctly & not to come back if i cant follow instructions.

Then i found this forum today & thought why not & 1 reply & instant fix..


it was Easy Tune6 i had installed which i never really used as it just came in a bundle install from the DVD.

Anyways ty again mate..

Sure. Not a problem. Gotta have working audio! heh heh Enjoy!

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