Crash after Updating.

Dear people,

Ive bought a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM version. But i have an problem. Windows 7 says i need to update it. So okay. I update it. When i finished the update it says ; "Restart your computer to finish the updates". So i restart my computer. But when that 4 coloured little balls come and they transfer into the windows logo. My pc shuts down :confused:

So i think ; Huh? So i start my pc again. But now it want that i use the PC-Repair system. So i do that. When i did that they removed the update. So there is a problem

-With the update i cant start up anymore (Over some time it would automatticly update so i need to do this all the time so it will take me 5 minutes b4 i can really use my Pc ; And i have a legal version:mad:)

I dont know how this comes but i have the legal version ofWindows.. So evrything need to work correctly. Any1 knows why this happens?:confused:




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Not absolutely certain about the student disk but...............

Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts.

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.

There i poll going on now and "clean" install is winning by a mile,.

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