Crash on wakeup from deep sleep - Dell inspiron 1521


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I searched but mostly found bsod on wakeup nothing like this.

never noticed this problem till recently because i never used to put my laptop to sleep, now i put it to sleep all the time. the thing is i can put it to sleep for a few hours then wake it up and everything is fine but if i let it sleep for like 8 hours then wake it up the power light will come on, the fan will spin and the hdd will spin, for a few seconds (not long enough for the screen to come on) then it just dies. and has to be restarted.

what could this be. the only thing not factory on the computer is the fact that i put windows 7 on it. i downloaded all the proper drivers for it from dell support via service tag number then went through and updated them all so what could be causing this? its so inconvenient.

Hey there, welcome.


Copy the files there to any other folder, zip them, then attach the zip here to a post.


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there was no minidump, i had to go to settings and turn it on so ill wait till it happens again, hopefully in the morning, and post the file then. thanks for the response :)


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so i recreated the problem with minidump turned on and theres no file, it did not dump anything,,,


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so i looked up how to turn off hibernate and apparently it was never turned on. this is odd. so if it sleeps for a few hours it's fine but sleeping for like 8 hours causes some kind of problem... what could it be?


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I would think that computer should be able to sleep and hibernate normally. When mine goes into hibernation, it seems the fans spin up and other activity, then it shuts down again. After that I have to push the power button to bring it back, but it does start up in resume mode so I do not have to log back in.

Is external power plugged in during these situations?

There is a utility you can run that might give you an indication of possible problems. Close all open programs you can then run a command prompt window as administrator. Type:

powercfg -energy

Let it run and when it finishes, make sure to note where the resulting report is located. Perhaps it will point you to some utility on your system causing problems.

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