Crash upon resume from S3 standby

Machine was working fine until about the time the message about Windows update causing a black screen of death came out.

It's used as a media centre with twin dvb-s tuners and one dvb-t. That all works fine, and the machine goes back to sleep after half an hour. However, sometimes it just won't wake up.

You press the power button the remote, the fans kick up, the light comes on but the VFD doesn't light up and nothing comes on the screen. Only way to get back is to switch off completely by holding the power button in, then starting up again.

Obviously a nightmare over xmas as it went to sleep one night and then didn't record any tv for the rest of the week.

Reformatted with x64 which was a tad slow, so put x86 back on, just gone over to the machine now and pressed On, and i've got the same bloody problem, despite a full reformat. Only things on there are Symantec corporate, imgburn and newsman pro. Oh and a VFD driver.

Personally I think it's a windows update, but any ideas which one? Event viewer isn't very useful, not that I can understand most of it. It doesn't happen every time the machine goes into sleep, but it's never happened within 24 hours of reformatting, hence I think windows is installing an update.

Almost seems as though it's not booting off the hard drive when it resumes, but is that a daft idea? Don't have any idea how S3 works other than it suspends to RAM.


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I know this is no help to you and I apologize for that, but S3 resume hasn't worked for me since I installed Win7 Ultimate 64bit with exact same symptoms you have only I get them every time. It worked perfectly for me in Vista64 Ultimate every time.

Don't worry about replying mate, more the merrier.

My system specs (if it makes any difference)
P4 3ghz
2gb DDR 400
twin DVB-S PCI tuners
1x DVB-T USB tuner
640GB western digital SATA
usb bluetooth (belkin crap)
8500GT pci-e

Was fine on XP MCE but then the motherboard died, rehoused it in an identical barebones but no idea why i've got the problems.

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