I have searched the web all over and no post on this subject. My Adobe Photoshop ce2 and newly downloaded beta Photoshop CE3 crash the whole Vista system on start up of the program. With CE2 it did it when I tried to register the product. With CE3 just start it and bang-o:mad: its crash and burn baby. I cannot even un-install it now with out it crashing the system and restarting. Real Pain any ideas???:eek:

This is a new one on me.

Have you tried booting in safe mode?

You might want to try that and reconfigure your start up file, to keep any of the CS2 components from starting during boot up.

What I would recommend is boot to safe mode, uninstall the file and all its components. Then goto start -> run and type in regedit. That will bring up the registry editor. If you arent comfortable with it its ok. Do a search in the entire reg for "photoshop" or "CE2". Delete any reference to photoshop. Also, go into your Application Data folder. It should be located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data

Or something. If you have an adobe folder go into it and delete any reference to photoshop or ce2. Unless there is a photoshop folder in teh data folder then just delete that. Restart once again in safe mode and then try to install it taht way. browse the CD and load the Setup.exe file, dont use the autorun. Ive came across some cases where the autorun isnt programmed right and screws installs up. Sometimes things are missing, etc... Try it and post your work. kthx.

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