Crashes randomly, then says "Operating System Not Found"


I have a Sony VAIO with Windows 7 pre-installed for more than a year. Completely random (actually - every 10 mins or so) the computer will freeze, brings up a blue screen stating that "A problem has been detected and your computer has been shut down to prevent damage". This stays on for only a second then the screen goes black. Five seconds later I get "Operating System Not Found". The only way I can use the computer again is to hold the power button down, then turn it back on again.

Kindly help...


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There is a sticky over in the BSOD forum that goes through what you may need to get your problem analyzed. It talks about setting the computer so it will not reboot and make a dump file for examination. So check that out.

I would probably look at the memory diagnostics and run that test.

Is this a laptop or desktop? Whats the make and model number of PC?

I have a Laptop Sony VAIO - VGN-FW51LF

I have also executed the memory diagnostic but with no errors.


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Have you made any recovery CDs/DVDs you system recommends in case of catastrophic failure?

Let us know if you get the dump file.

I do not know why, after you experience a crash, you get the Operating System Message. That message might be caused because of a corruption of the Master Boot Record on the drive, so possibly the hard drive is involved, but I can only guess.

Does the laptop seem to be hotter than normal? Have you cleaned out all the intake/exhaust ports with a can of compressed air? Do you use and external chill pad for the laptop....I highly recommend you do so. The reason I ask these questions is because you might have an overheating issue which will give you the exact problem you have described. Not saying that's it, but could be. If you can dl speedfan or HWmonitor and see what your temps are.

I have lost my recovery CD .. :(
The laptop had created a partition which has the backup, but I am unable to recover from there.

How can I get the dump file, is there a location/filename which I need to get.

Also, I have not checked my laptop having any heating issues. However, I will still check this and see if that resolves the issues.
I will try today to see if I can get the s/w speedfan or HWMonitor download and provide its report also.


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Please see the prior reference link. It explains the dump file and how to set your computer to get one. But you do have to experience an actual Blue Screen crash...

i am also having the same problems, it happened around 5 to 6 times, i am also havind a sony vaio which i purchased around september 2012.
It happens suddenly and i get a blue screen with some error codes, and then a black screen which keeps on printing operating system not found, if i press enter, so i have to hold down the power button to shutdown.
When i checked the event log , there was a critical error with cause relating to kernel and error code 41.
please help

hello All, I purchased in september 2012 an ultrabook Sony VAIO T13, I7, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD and I experienced with same problem, it happened sometime, after 2:3 days: while I'm in internet it happens suddently: a black screen with the message Operating system not found". I have to hold down the power button to shutdown and after the VAIo restart again normaly. I contacted the Italy SONY Support but they only recommended to restore the early status of machine at the purchasing time because it is a windows 7 issue. I tried 5 time the restoring, a experienced computer center tried 1 time, the SONY Customer support tried 1 time the restoring. But the issue appears always. I claimed to SONY Support and they declaree that it is a Sw (Windows 7) issue.
I finished my tentatives to have a valid support by SONY Italy. Do You know any International Quality office/ Customer office of Sony that can help me?

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