Crashes When Unplugged After Sleep Mode

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    I've been having an ongoing (about 2 months) problem with my laptop getting the BSOD after returning from sleep mode, specifically when unplugging it. When returning from sleep mode, the screen will take longer than normal to turn back on and show the log in screen. After that, it seems like it no longer detects the graphics card drivers. If I try to open the Catalyst Control Center, it says there are no options for it to modify. If I unplug the computer at all without restarting it, I get the BSOD. Also, if I put it back into sleep mode without restarting, it will usually crash within a minute of coming back on, even without unplugging it. This started after installing the software/drivers for my Logitech G25 steering wheel. This wheel worked perfectly on my old Vista laptop. It functions as it should on this computer, but now I have this crashing problem.

    I'm attaching the zipped Minidump file.

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    System Specs:
    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 Version 6.1.7601
    Intel i7-2820QM @2.30GHz
    AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series
    16GB RAM
    BIOS: A10 (newest)
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