Windows 7 Crashing in Safe Mode


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Feb 19, 2009
I have Win7 x64 installed, and it's been working fine for weeks. Starting today, however, after I log in it just hangs indefinitely.

Well, to be more precise, It's perfectly fine until I click something. I'll open a folder, and the mouse will just change to the loading circle, and nothing happens. When I open task manager, the window comes up, but none of my mouse clicks will register, and the icon for it in the tray will show 100% cpu usage.

So I figure, I'll boot into Safe Mode and get rid of the last couple things I installed. Safe Mode shows itself loading all the drivers it needs perfectly fine, then the screen goes black and my computer restarts. Not good.

Windows 7 automatic repair, and the repair from the installation DVD both report that they couldn't fix the problem.

Any similar experiences, or any idea how to fix this without a complete reinstall?
Start with a complete reinstall, including formatting the hard drive.

If you still get errors, it is likely a hardware problem.

My first thought was a very nasty virus. But that should not effect Safe Mode unless it also effected the boot sector.

Either way, if you boot into your main OS and delete the W7 partition, then reinstall W7 after creating and formatting a new partition - it should return things to normal.

Then, just be careful what you install to the new W7 install.

The OS working fine for so long and suddenly going south only suggests two things.
1. You introduced a virus by something you downloaded/installed.
2. A piece of hardware is failing.

(Maybe 3 - a software program you just installed that replaced a critical system file with an older version. It could be something as simple as a video driver.)

Would be great to know how you got on. Why not let us know whether this offer of a solution worked for you? You are surely not the only person having this problem.
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