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    I need to figure this out, this can't keep happening over and over again! Whenever I seem to be doing something important or just finishing something important (thank goodness), I'll suddenly get a blue screen out of no where saying that I don't have enough memory to run the programs I am.. which.. is odd considering I have 4GB of RAM, a processor running at 3.4GHz(x4), with a 1TB hard drive. I figured if I reinstalled my OS, thinking maybe that was my problem, it would be fixed. And viola! For the first day it was fine.. then after I updated.. it began crashing all over again. Thanks Windows 7! Good to know you're a great OS!

    I need to get this fixed, this is incredibly frustrating. I don't understand how I can't have enough memory. I'm running a small business from this computer and need to keep everything up and running and available.

    I need real answers to this post, please, no sympathy posts, just a real fix that doesn't involve me downloading something.. unless that something is guaranteed to fix my problem. Thanks.

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