Create Completly 'Open' Network Between Win7, Vista & XP Computers

I am unable to create a completely open network between multiple computers running Win7, Vista and XP on a simple Workgroup network? I need all devices (hardrives, DVD, CD, etc…) available to all machines without any restrictions (not just the Public Directory). It was working fine until Win7.

I have a small home/office with 6 computers, only four are used regulary. Two are Win7, one is Vista and the others are XP. It is a simple network using a Netgear switch and Workgroup. All computers are visible on the network and the Win7 machines have full access on the Vista and XP computers. However, when any computer tries to acces a Win7 machine (even the other Win7 computer), only the public directories are available. No hardrive, etc. The hardrives show, but I get “don’t have permission to accessâ€Â￾ when I try to open.

The Win7 computers are set to: network discovery-on, file sharing-on, password protection-off, HomeGroup-use user account & password to connect to other computers. How do I 'open' Win7 devices on the network. Each device is shared and permission is set to full control for everyone. What else needs to be done?

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