Created Folders cannot be seen by other PC's

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    Nov 3, 2011
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    :( hello all
    i have 3 PC's in my home based work office. all on a work network , not homegroup
    PC-A running Win7 ultimate PC-B & PC-C running Win 7 Pro
    PC-A andPC- C are used by humans, PC-B is the "file storage" PC accessed by and saved to from A & C
    if i create a folder on B from A i can see the folder using explorer from A, but not if i use explorer on B or C.
    if i create a folder on B from C, or indeed B i can see it on all 3 PCs.
    if i create a folder on A then all 3 can see it

    it appears that A creates "hidden folders " on the B storgage PC that cannot be seen by the Win7Pro pc's.

    all folders on B are not hidden, owned by admin user with full read/write rights to all.

    all used to be fine until i upgraded A to Win7Ultimate from Win7 pro
    can anyone help with advie please

    many thanks biffofo:thumbs_up:

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